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What One Thing Would You Change In Your Life?

I know, you have several things you'd like to change. One thing isn't nearly enough. Altering your life can be a constant process. Even so, by picking one thing you will be forced to prioritize what is really important to you at this moment. 

This is a tough question. I had to give it a lot of thought. Physical conditioning, missed experiences, strengthening my important relationships, working harder to build up this blog, still worrying too much about money, choosing easy over hard....I have plenty to pick from. 

Of course, the choice really has to be within the realm of reality. No matter how much I might enjoy it, I will never be a professional baseball player or pro golfer. I cannot break the world record for high jumps. I am not going to the Olympics (except as a spectator). That 50 foot cabin cruiser is never going to sail with me at the helm. 

Since I think we are all interested in each other's answers, I am going to keep my part of this post very short. This is a bit …

Surface Pro Sales Reach 400,000 in Only a Month

Since its launch, the Surface tablet from Microsoft has reached 400,000 sales, which isn't a bad start for a tablet that is definitely on the pricey side with an $899 price tag. What's even more impressive is that this tablet only launched a month ago. According to IDC Analyst Bob O'Donnell, "That's a respectable number and it leads me to believe that Surface Pro will end up outselling Surface RT."

O'Donnell is, of course, referring to the RT version of the Surface tablet, which is slightly less expensive at $499, though isn't compatible with older Windows software. "It's something that we've predicated all along because of the compatibility that Surface Pro offers," O'Donnell added. Overall, Microsoft has sold nearly 1.5 million Surface devices, including both Pro and RT versions, and was announced only three months ago.

Even though the RT version sold out initially, Microsoft was surprisingly able to keep up with demand quickly. …